About Us

KIDS Humpty Dumpty Academy was developed on the promise that all children should have a warm, inviting place to learn, grow and feel safe. Our Regional Director Mrs.Kishani Mathiasz, Director of Operations Ms. Jessica Mathiasz, and our spectacular teachers strive everyday to make KIDS Humpty Dumpty Academy a family-focused center while maintaining Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy statements.

We offer

We provide year-round full and part time care and education in Arlington Texas for infants and children starting at six weeks of age to 12 years of age.Our secure environments and teacher-to-child ratios allow us to get to know your child’s interest and abilities to maximize their potential. Each child learns in different ways. Our learning approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate child’s natural curiosity and to fully support each child while building problem solving skills.

Our Mission

Our Mission here at KIDS Humpty Dumpty Academy is to provide a High-Quality Learning Center focusing on the Importance of education and well-being of the whole child. We offer children the opportunity to refine their physical, language, cognitive and social skills in a safe, wholesome and caring environment full of exciting, fun and productive activities.

Our Vision

Our Vision here at KIDS Humpty Dumpty Academy is a dynamic and exciting learning center. We firmly believe children are one of the most important aspects of our community; they are precious and curious individuals needing room to grow and learn. Where we inspire and strive to teach children Kindness, Independence, Diversity and Self-Regulation to create the major building blocks as our name implies (KIDS). With these skills in place we feel children can “conquer anything”.


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